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There are 5 significant questions HR needs to ask when restructuring to accommodate for gig workers who are increasingly becoming the new norm

Restructuring the organisation for gig workers: 5 questions HR needs to ask itself

In a world embracing the reality of on-demand workforces, HR must involve itself in processes supporting attraction, onboarding, development and review, says Nick Southcombe According to the 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends, the workforce composition is changing. Organisations are reporting an increase in the employment of contingent, gig, freelance […]

Progressive leadership development and astute succession planning are the keys to safeguarding against competitors and would-be innovator-disruptors

How to achieve sustainable business excellence & progressive business growth

It is imperative that progressive leadership development and astute succession planning are tightly knit within the fabric of the organisation to safeguard against unrelenting competitors/disruptive innovators, writes Murad Salman Mirza Professional fields are often strewn with terminologies that confound the uninitiated and rally the peers/colleagues around a common language. However, […]

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