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Individuals are more adaptable than they think, and the wave of change has already drawn them halfway along the journey without them realising

How leaders can create future-fit cultures

Companies today have to be run in a very different way from a decade ago, but because we adapted so well, we barely noticed how much changed, says Anthony Mitchell In 2005, David Foster Wallace addressed a graduating class with a speech that became one of his most read pieces. He began with a […]

HR digitalisation can reap great benefits but needs to change focus from a user-centric approach to a customer-centric that focuses on the employee

A new mindset is the key to HR digitalisation

Organisations that embrace HR digitalisation will see a clear increase in employee performance compared to those who continue taking a user-based approach, says Aaron McEwan Digitalisation is so important to business success that (according to Gartner research) 67 per cent of business leaders believe that their companies will no longer […]

Whilst AI and automation are unlikely to replace human jobs entirely, many traditional roles will disappear, and it'll fall to HR to come up with a solution

What will job disintegration mean for HR?

Rob Scott shares his insights into the future of jobs, and what the disintegration of traditional work will mean for HR Finally, after much scaremongering and over-hype we are coming to the collective realisation that AI, robotics and other forms of automation are unlikely to replace entire jobs in the […]

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