Qualtrics announces the launch of developer platform

Access to the consultant , Qualtrics Platform

Experience management leader Qualtrics recently announced the launch of the developer platform, providing customers with access to best-in-XM consulting, technology and services, all within the Qualtrics experience management platform.

By leveraging the expertise of the Qualtrics partner network, Qualtrics is introducing new XM solution and XM integrations built on its robust API layer to help organisations turn feedback into insights and take action faster.

“No single company in any space can be the sole source of innovation. Companies don’t build industries; ecosystems do. And together with our partners, we are building the experience management industry,” said John Torrey, chief ecosystem officer for Qualtrics.

“The Qualtrics developer platform enables our customers to combine Qualtrics’ experience data with operational data to better understand and manage supply chains, networks, employees and core processes, empowering organisations to take action faster and close experience gaps.”

The new XM Solutions will leverage expertise from the following partners and solutions:

  • Bain & company NPS prism: Apply a breakthrough benchmarking tool that helps businesses understand how the critical components of their customer experience stack up against the competition, and how they contribute to their company’s overall differentiation in the minds of customers
  • JD power midsize bank: Harness JD power benchmarks and KPIs to establish and track performance targets, customer “reuse” and establish goals
  • Kantar TRI*M: Utilize validated metrics to evaluate customer interactions and close competitive the customer experience gaps by highlighting opportunities and risks
  • Walker loyalty matrix: Employ a proven framework to monitor and improve customer experience at all levels: account, functional and strategic
  • Korn ferry engaged performance: Assess how engaged and enabled employees to feel, and analyse the results via Korn Ferry’s proven intellectual property

“Intercom is thrilled to be a part of the launch of the Qualtrics Developer Platform”

Designed for technology partners, ISVs, and developers, XM Integrations enable enterprise customers and partners to extend and customize Qualtrics product functionality and integrate it with existing software in their IT ecosystem.

Qualtrics is launching integrations with industry leaders including:

  • CRM & Help desk: Microsoft dynamics, zendesk, freshworks, serviceNow, hubSpot and salesforce
  • Marketing automation: Marketo
  • Digital Experience: Decibel insight, quantum metric, clickTale and adobe experience cloud
  • Messaging & chat: slack and intercom
  • Social media & reputation management: brand watch, review trackers and reputology
  • Video analytics: VoxPopMe and LivingLens
  • Speech & conversation analytics: CallMiner, Tethr and OTO
  • Integration– as–a–service: Azuqua, tray.io, zapier and put– it– forward

“Intercom is thrilled to be a part of the launch of the Qualtrics developer platform. Tens of thousands of businesses are already engaging with their customers using Intercom’s messenger, and many are hungry for more structured and powerful ways to improve their customers’ experiences,” said Jeff Gardner, head of platform partnerships, Intercom.

“Now, with the Qualtrics integration, it’s easier than ever to collect and analyze your X-data using Qualtrics’ industry-leading tools and to drive meaningful progress in your customer experience programs.”