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5 key steps to a successful diversity program

5 key steps to implementing a successful diversity program

HR leaders play a very sensitive, strategic and balancing role in diversity and inclusion in the workplace, writes Purnima Nandy Workplaces today can be characteristically described as cultural melting pots where facets of cultural diversity and inclusion must be incorporated effectively for businesses to run successfully. Quite often, however, the diversity […]

Spotify's parental leave program has played a major role in talent acquisition and retention, according to its head of HR, Michael Kim

How Spotify generates 20,000 job applications per month

A combination of data-driven business and integrated HR strategies – including a generous parental leave program – have contributed to a strong employment brand for global music streaming platform Spotify, which receives an average of 20,000 unique job applications per month. One of the most significant HR activities to generate […]

There have been five keys to building a high-performance culture in health insurance fund Peoplecare

Peoplecare’s 5 steps to building a high-performance culture

There have been five keys to building a high-performance culture which has helped health insurance fund Peoplecare both drive strong commercial outcomes and become recognised as an employer of choice, according to its head of people and culture, Maree Morgan-Monk. There is a tangible link between its performance culture, high levels […]

Dr. Andy Walshe, head of high performance for Red Bull, on risk, innovation and driving a high performance culture

Risk vs innovation: Red Bull’s high performance culture

CEOs need to be comfortable in taking enough risks to drive innovation, according to an expert in the field of elite human performance, who explained that an organisation’s risk profile will inevitably set the cultural bar for innovation in a business. While many organisations are actively seeking greater innovation, organisational […]

How Frucor Suntory developed its ‘future-fit’ business values

How Frucor Suntory developed its ‘future-fit’ business values

A top-to-bottom employee and stakeholder collaboration process was critical for beverages company, Frucor Suntory, in identifying and adopting core business values to help ensure its organisational culture was ‘future-fit’ to drive business strategy, according to its CEO. Frucor Suntory, a leading Australasian drinks company and the market leader in energy […]