Act like a leader, Think like a leader, by Herminia Ibarra

Act like a leader, Think like a leader, by Herminia IbarraRRP: $34.99
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Many people believe that introspection and self-reflection are the holy grail of leadership development. However, Act like a leader, think like a leader claims introspection anchors leaders in the past, impedes change and holds back careers. Author Herminia Ibarra, an INSEAD professor ranked as one of the world’s top 10 business thinkers, explains that leaders instead need to act their way into a new type of leadership thinking, instead of thinking their way into it.

In her book, Ibarra explains why leaders can only increase self-knowledge in the process of making changes. To do this, leaders need to plunge themselves into new projects and activities, interact with different kinds of people, and experiment with unfamiliar ways of getting things done. The book includes a number of practical lessons from inspiring leaders, and serves as a practical guide for people who want to increase their impact and for organisations looking to grow their leadership pipeline.