Author: Aaron McEwan

HR digitalisation can reap great benefits but needs to change focus from a user-centric approach to a customer-centric that focuses on the employee

A new mindset is the key to HR digitalisation

Organisations that embrace HR digitalisation will see a clear increase in employee performance compared to those who continue taking a user-based approach, says Aaron McEwan Digitalisation is so important to business success that (according to Gartner research) 67 per cent of business leaders believe that their companies will no longer […]

Why workplace wellbeing is the new workplace safety

Why workplace wellbeing is the new workplace safety

Workplace wellbeing is the new workplace safety, and a holistic outlook to managing wellness will not only improve engagement, it will drive productivity and create a winning environment, writes Aaron McEwan Whether it’s coping with long commutes, managing stress from the integration of new technologies or processes in the workplace, […]