Author: Aaron McEwan

HR digitalisation can reap great benefits but needs to change focus from a user-centric approach to a customer-centric that focuses on the employee

A new mindset is the key to HR digitalisation

Organisations that embrace HR digitalisation will see a clear increase in employee performance compared to those who continue taking a user-based approach, says Aaron McEwan Digitalisation is so important to business success that (according to Gartner research) 67 per cent of business leaders believe that their companies will no longer […]

Why workplace wellbeing is the new workplace safety

Why workplace wellbeing is the new workplace safety

Workplace wellbeing is the new workplace safety, and a holistic outlook to managing wellness will not only improve engagement, it will drive productivity and create a winning environment, writes Aaron McEwan Whether it’s coping with long commutes, managing stress from the integration of new technologies or processes in the workplace, […]

A 4-step framework for improving talent management with automation

A 4-step approach for turning the fear of automation into a talent revolution

Progressive organisations are viewing automation as an opportunity to revolutionise their talent strategy, according to Aaron McEwan, who explains that a 4-step strategic workforce planning framework will help organisations achieve this At the moment it seems we can’t escape the phrase ‘death by automation’ and visions of mass job losses and worker displacement […]