Author: Emal Hakikat

What does HR need to do to improve recruitment and neurodiversity outcomes?

What does HR need to do to better hire more neurodiverse candidates?

There have been significant improvements in HR processes for improving neurodiversity outcomes, however, companies still lack the resources required to properly assess, recruit and onboard neurodiverse candidates, according to a global expert in positive psychology. Many companies have recognised that embracing neurodiversity is an incredibly powerful way of enabling real diversity […]

Meet your future colleague: the top 20 skills needed for the future of work

Top 20 skills needed for the future of work

There are 20 skills that employees will need to succeed in the future of work which is more technologically advanced, according to one of Australia’s leading medical technology companies. As new technologies such as automation and robotics are incorporated into the workforce, the nature of work will change and HR […]