Author: Jennie Walker

HR professionals can play a crucial role in workplace conflict resolution

How to partner with managers to improve conflict resolution

HR professionals can play a crucial role in workplace conflict resolution, writes Jennie Walker Frustrations, disagreements and personality conflicts are inevitable in the workplace, and managers are among the first to be tasked with helping their employees navigate these challenges. For front-line managers, conflict management can be one of the […]

Meaningful team communication encompasses several areas that impact employee engagement

Why every manager needs a team communication strategy

Utilising a strategic communications roadmap can be the key to building a team culture of open communication and collaboration, writes Jennie Walker “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw’s quote brilliantly highlights the disconnect that often happens in communication between managers […]

To build self-assurance, managers need to test their skills and receive feedback. They also benefit from having a trusted mentor they can go to for support.

Front-line managers: building organisational heart

Managers play a critical role in creating the organisational climate through their interpersonal relationships with employees, writes Jennie Walker How do your managers view their professional relationship with employees? This foundational viewpoint could be making or breaking your employee engagement. A manager recently expressed frustration about his employee engagement scores, […]