Author: Jennie Walker

Preparing managers for new workplace challenges

Real-world simulations can be an excellent way to provide training and practise for managers to deal with a variety of workplace challenges, writes Jennie Walker Management expert Dr Stephen Covey was among the first in the business world to point out that the work environment in our new century is […]

Reflection: the first step in transformation

Dedicating time to active and purposeful reflection can give us new insights that then plant the seeds for new ways of thinking, writes Jennie Walker  The word “transformation” may evoke images of action – starting something new, stopping something that isn’t working, working harder to reach a goal. But it […]

To build self-assurance, managers need to test their skills and receive feedback. They also benefit from having a trusted mentor they can go to for support.

Self-assurance: a catalyst for management development

The three key elements of self-assurance can amount to a big psychological leap at each turn in the leadership pipeline, writes Jennie Walker In the bestselling book The Leadership Pipeline, the authors discuss transition phases that managers must go through to move successively up through the organisation. These are: individual […]