Author: Rob Scott

SaaS HR software solutions are fundamentally different from earlier on-premise solutions and require new business transformation initiatives to get maximum value.

There’s more to SaaS than simplicity

Despite the simplicity and effectiveness of new SaaS tools, maximum value will only be realised by making fundamental changes to key areas in business, writes Rob Scott You could be forgiven for thinking the relative simplicity and user-friendliness of modern HR SaaS solutions need less business transformation effort to embed […]

How to get the best value out of HR systems

There is a direct relationship between organisational maturity levels and the value derived from HR systems, writes Rob Scott Clients often ask me what the primary influencer is when selecting new HR software, and are generally surprised when I respond that they should first ask their executive management team what […]

SaaS HR technology: the new face of HR?

There is significant value to be derived from HR evolving people practices into a modern digital environment, writes Rob Scott Compared to traditional on-premise or ERP HR technologies, true SaaS HR technology has fundamentally shifted the business discussion from one focused on getting HR technology to work effectively to an […]

The future of HR data ownership

The future of work is changing, and HR functions and their technology systems need to keep pace with significant developments, writes Rob Scott Right now, organisations collect, create, store and own HR-related data during the “hire-to-retire” lifecycle of an employee. That’s changing. We are observing rapid and significant transformation taking […]