Author: Roger Collins

Why leadership is not the solution

There is a need for a more holistic approach to overcoming organisational challenges, writes Roger Collins An analogy, using our nation’s economy, will provide better insight into why reliance on and efforts to develop leadership in isolation from their organisation is destined to fail. The Australian economy is in transition. […]

5 leadership lessons we can learn from Tony

Our current political leaders of all persuasions provide a rich source of insight into effective and ineffective leadership roles and contributions, writes Roger Collins Role models exert a very powerful yet often subtle influence on our self-efficacy and our behaviour as parents, partners and professionals. They are also one of […]

The leadership challenges of transformations

Successful transformations require that we think beyond leadership as individual behaviour and more as an organisational capability, writes Roger Collins Transformations represent fundamental and irreversible changes that are required for survival and sustained success. They require deep organisational interventions akin to a frontal lobotomy rather than a dosage of aspirin. […]

Leadership is what brings strategy alive

Few terms are more misquoted, misapplied and misunderstood than strategy, writes Roger Collins In their efforts to attract attention, authors and marketers have labelled everything from a recipe book to accounting as “strategic”. The rise of strategy reflects our world: lower barriers to entry, disruptive technologies and business models, events […]

What can we do when our leaders fail to lead?

Failing or non-existent leadership presents HR with a unique opportunity to strengthen initiatives that encourage self-leadership, agility and proactivity amongst employees, writes Roger Collins In times of change, uncertainty and crisis, the importance of and interest in leadership rise like cream to the top of a milk churn. Why is […]