Author: Tamana Mirzada

It is the example set by senior leaders which dictates what other people will do

What 8 skills must leaders of the future possess?

The next generation of leaders must be visionaries, fast learners and implementers, highly innovative, adaptable to change and volatility, ambiguity and have a greater intimate knowledge of the changing needs of customers, according to a leadership expert. A leader of the future will be required to produce great results in all […]

The lack of involvement of senior leaders in promoting gender diversity should be a concern for HR

How HR can help improve gender diversity in 6 steps

Women, who continue to be under-represented at most levels in the workforce, are not progressing in their careers – despite the past two decades of organisational efforts to achieve gender diversity and equality, according to research from Mercer. Companies in Australia and New Zealand lag behind their global counterparts on […]