Author: Wayne Brockbank

What’s old and what’s new

In the midst of the turmoil and sometimes tragedy of the global pandemic, HR professionals and departments have frequently been preoccupied with the above tactical activities. These short-term hygiene pressures may have occasionally pulled HR away from its strategic contributions, writes Wayne Brockbank, Clinical Professor of Business, University of Michigan […]


The values conundrum

At FedEx, speed is a collective way of thinking and behaving. We refer to this collective way of thinking as an organization’s culture. It is these ways of thinking and behaving that design, produce and sell products and services that are of value to customers. Many internal practices create and […]

performance management-min

Balancing performance management conundrums

HR should focus its measurements and rewards on the unit through which the greatest value is created.  Focusing the measurement and reward systems on the wrong unit of analysis can demotivate, create confusion and make the whole less than the sum of the parts, writes Wayne Brockbank.  Performance management is […]

business agility

What are the top 3 ways HR professionals can drive business agility?

By embracing the business agility agenda, HR will create and sustain the organisation capabilities that create turbulence for its competitors instead of responding to turbulence that is created by its competitors, writes Wayne Brockbank HR departments are occasionally accused of sponsoring flavor-of-the-month agendas. Some of these accusations may be justified. However, […]