Avenues for HR’s relationship with business strategy

There are numerous avenues through which HR professionals can significantly impact successful business strategy, writes Wayne Brockbank Over the past 25 years, the Human Resource Competency Study carried out by the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and the RBL Group, has documented the emerging relationship between […]

Leadership is what brings strategy alive

Few terms are more misquoted, misapplied and misunderstood than strategy, writes Roger Collins In their efforts to attract attention, authors and marketers have labelled everything from a recipe book to accounting as “strategic”. The rise of strategy reflects our world: lower barriers to entry, disruptive technologies and business models, events […]

How to get the best value out of HR systems

There is a direct relationship between organisational maturity levels and the value derived from HR systems, writes Rob Scott Clients often ask me what the primary influencer is when selecting new HR software, and are generally surprised when I respond that they should first ask their executive management team what […]

Choosing strategy over culture

Understanding how company culture affects strategy implementation, and developing a plan to align them, can be the key to unprecedented success, writes Dave Hanna A global enterprise once surveyed its managers to get their perspectives on success factors in the company. This survey polled managers on what they though it […]