BMW’s X5 M50d

BMW X5 M50d review: the best of both worlds

BMW’s X5 M50d is a four wheel juggernaut that blends the best of both ends of the automotive spectrum, writes Craig Donaldson When it comes to large four-wheel-drives, normally you can’t have both performance and fuel efficiency. If it’s fast, then it’s normally as hungry as a parched camel and […]

There are a number of steps businesses can take to harness cultural diversity.

5 ways to capitalise on cultural diversity

Capitalising on an increasingly globalised workforce will lead to better functionality across all areas of the business, writes Leonie Tillman Australia is in a unique position, drawing recruitment interest from around the world due to its lifestyle, relatively stable economy and career opportunities. With its ageing population, low rates of […]

There are a number of steps HR and business can take to build partnerships

How HR can build a culture of partnerships

One secret ingredient of high performers is their ability to turn transactional relationships into partnerships, writes Dave Hanna Of all the talent management initiatives you pursue, how many are focused on harnessing the talents of those outside your organisation? One secret ingredient of high performers is their ability to turn […]

Organisations can benefit by thinking about talent building as collective behaviour that enhances current performance or enables organisational adaptation and transformation.

How to take the shackles off talent management

There are considerable rewards in rethinking what we mean by talent and how it can also be led, writes Roger Collins Great talent makes a great difference. The best available evidence indicates that appointing people who are one standard deviation above the mean on the relevant criteria can deliver more […]

There are a number of keys to getting 360 feedback to work. Source: Thinkstock

Why 360s don’t work: they aren’t designed to

Achieving the desired behavioural changes that we know is possible from 360 feedback often requires doing less, not more, writes Marc Effron Few talent management practices show as much promise and as few results as 360 feedback. As HR professionals, we faithfully believe that 360 feedback will help managers change […]