To build self-assurance, managers need to test their skills and receive feedback. They also benefit from having a trusted mentor they can go to for support.

Self-assurance: a catalyst for management development

The three key elements of self-assurance can amount to a big psychological leap at each turn in the leadership pipeline, writes Jennie Walker In the bestselling book The Leadership Pipeline, the authors discuss transition phases that managers must go through to move successively up through the organisation. These are: individual […]

The next three years provide an opportunity for HR to evolve people practices into a modern digital environment

SaaS HR technology: the new face of HR?

There is significant value to be derived from HR evolving people practices into a modern digital environment, writes Rob Scott Compared to traditional on-premise or ERP HR technologies, true SaaS HR technology has fundamentally shifted the business discussion from one focused on getting HR technology to work effectively to an […]

HR should rely on the facts in determining how they add value to business, not rely on existing HR folklore. Source: iStock

Busting common HR folklore with science

We have a responsibility to make fact-based decisions for our clients. The more science-based those facts are, the better decisions we’ll make, writes Marc Effron HR should always “start with the science”. When we don’t start with the science, we make poor quality decisions that negatively affect the design of […]

What form of goal setting, team management and tools should we use to actually improve productivity?

How HR can drive productivity

If we focus on the tools and practices managers need to drive performance, the value HR adds can go up by orders of magnitude, writes Josh Bersin One of the most frustrating HR practices in business today is the annual performance appraisal or performance management process. While most companies continue […]