The future core HR data systems will be co-owned and co-managed, becoming an exchange rather than a HR department-managed data repository

The future of HR data ownership

The future of work is changing, and HR functions and their technology systems need to keep pace with significant developments, writes Rob Scott Right now, organisations collect, create, store and own HR-related data during the “hire-to-retire” lifecycle of an employee. That’s changing. We are observing rapid and significant transformation taking […]

It's more efficient and effective to do away with a number of established processes and practices in the talent management process

10 talent management activities to stop doing right now

You can radically simplify your talent management practices by eliminating activities that don’t add value, writes Marc Effron 1. Eliminate “happy labels” on your performance management scale. Telling Suzy that she was “highly valued” or Bobby that he was a “star performer” provides no valuable information. The quest to create […]

How should HR handle leaders who don't step up to the plate?

What can we do when our leaders fail to lead?

Failing or non-existent leadership presents HR with a unique opportunity to strengthen initiatives that encourage self-leadership, agility and proactivity amongst employees, writes Roger Collins In times of change, uncertainty and crisis, the importance of and interest in leadership rise like cream to the top of a milk churn. Why is […]

How savvy do you think your organisation is?

How savvy is your organisation?

Corporate savviness is a holistic measure of how effective your organisation is. Murad Salman Mirza details the corporate savviness barometer and outlines the process of assessing how savvy your business is Corporate savviness is an organisational characteristic that refers to the enterprising use of a collection of core organisational competencies, ie, Key Savviness […]