There are many practical applications of big data for HR

How HR can harness big data

There are many practical applications of big data for HR. However, a strong partnership between the business and HR is essential if big data is to yield significant P&L impact, writes Heidi Spirgi Most companies today make hiring, promotion and development decisions based on anecdotal data, a lot of gut […]

There are a number of steps companies can take to create a competitive culture

3 steps to creating a competitive culture

HR can play a pivotal role in creating and sustaining a culture that contributes substantially to creating competitive advantage, writes Wayne Brockbank HR departments and line executives in companies throughout the world struggle to define and create corporate cultures that serve as the basis for competitive advantage. How do successful […]

Leading with Conviction: Mastering the Nine Critical Pillars of Integrated Leadership by Shalom Saada Saar and Michael J. Hargrove

Authors: Shalom Saada Saar & Michael J. Hargrove Publisher: Jossey-Bass, 2013 RRP: US$27.95 Authors Saar and Hargrove attest that leadership is a skill that can be learned and sustained through deliberation and practise, and that it is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Leading with Conviction unveils the “nine pillars of leadership” […]