What are the top 5 talent trends of 2014 companies?

Companies will increasingly adopt a more strategic approach to workforce planning in 2014, as employers seek to build genuine competitive advantage through effective talent management initiatives, according to Futurestep. Forward-thinking companies are already realising that hiring for today’s skills means workforces could become quickly outdated, and Futurestep said 2014 will […]

3 keys for HR to maximise ROI

HR should focus on measures to increase innovation, speed and collaboration, as they can have as much as five times the ROI when it comes to improving worker efficiency, according to John Sullivan, a global expert in HR strategy and talent management. “This will allow you to get the bugs […]

What is the number one skill for HR leaders?

Stakeholder management is the “number one skill” for any HR leader in a professional services environment, according to Susan Ferrier, national head of people, performance and culture for KPMG. Stakeholder management can be more of a challenge in professional services than other environments, as Ferrier says leaders are also shareholders […]