Organisations need to stand out among competitors in the war for graduate talent

3 ways to attract the best graduate talent

Many businesses are realising that they do not have the necessary tools in place and must enhance their talent management strategies, writes managing director of Futurestep ANZ, Tim Powell, who explains that there are a number of steps organisations can take to develop more innovative graduate recruitment programmes Organisations have […]

Lindy Stephens, global director of people operations for ThoughtWorks, believes global mobility is an important ingredient in the success of the business

3 HR keys to ThoughtWorks’ business success

Hiring employees with an ability to code in multiple languages and think outside the box with regards to their application has been critical to the process of innovation and growth within the business of ThoughtWorks, according to its global director of people operations, Lindy Stephens. “We want our people to […]

multi-generational workforce

Managing a multi-generational workforce: Can HR find a balance?

Failure to implement a generation-specific talent management strategy is the biggest mistake businesses make in managing a multi-generational workforce, according to a recent research report. It found that half of business owners do not have any generation-specific talent management strategies to handle a multi-generational workforce, while there is also a significant disconnect […]

There is increased demand for the hiring of contract HR professionals with specialist expertise. Source: iStock

Change projects increases demand for contract HR specialists

Many organisations are currently going through significant transformation processes, and this has led to increased demand for professionals with experience in change management, organisational development, instructional designers and trainers to support systems, process improvement and leadership, according to a global recruitment firm. However, companies are taking a very selective and […]

Pay is still the critical lever above most non-financial incentives. in terms of employee motivation Source: Thinkstock

5 ways to motivate employees more with less

Simple bonus plans with fewer metrics and limited managerial discretion could result in greater employee motivation at lower cost, according to a recent PwC research report. “We felt the need to debunk highly publicised studies that promote the idea that financial incentives don’t work,” said PwC partner Emma Grogan. “Our […]