A culture which values and supports solution focused efforts, learning and collaboration is more likely to encourage adaptation and resilience. Strong leadership best practices help drive this culture.

Changing the way we lead organisational change

Change can be difficult. Individuals, teams and organisations often find the ‘status quo’ difficult to break. Phil Owens explores why change is so hard, and how you can help ensure that a critical change program you implement in your organisations can succeed It is an accepted truism that the only constant is […]

An employer brand belongs to employees, which can make it difficult for organisations to control. A strong EVP is critical for attracting the right talent.

6 keys to developing a great employer brand

In building an employer brand with a view to attracting the right talent, embedding the brand message into employees is key to driving any brand’s success and attracting the right candidates, according to a Sydney-based branding agency. “Your brand is not what you say it is, rather it’s what people […]

The challenge for HR professionals wanting to drive culture change is in equipping themselves with the knowledge and competencies to be skilful and engaging business partners.

HR as a partner in culture change

Leader–HR professional partnerships can be key to achieving the culture change that moves a business forward, writes Dave Hanna When organisations successfully implement culture change to become more competitive, more innovative or less bureaucratic, it is usually the business leader who earns praise for the transformation. Thus, the public celebrates […]

Effective internal branding means mastering the five important elements

5 ways to improve your internal branding

Brands are so often consumed with external marketing that they forget about internal branding and making sure staff feel involved and, most importantly, valued, writes Damian Madden Few people question the powerful impact a strong, engaging brand story can have on a business. However, there’s one slight problem with this – we’re […]

Rob Phipps, chief people officer for KFC SOPAC, says the business actively aims to boost customer engagement through frontline staff

How KFC builds its brand through engagement

Learning and development is like the “bread and butter” of KFC, according to its chief people officer for KFC SOPAC, Rob Phipps, who said that L&D has evolved within the organisation to play an important role in customer engagement through frontline staff. “If an employee is not trained, developed or […]