A goal of developing an innovation culture needs to be supported by performance reviews and remuneration to make it tangible to SMEs.

3 keys to fostering a culture of innovation

HR is a both a facilitator and catalyst of creating an innovation culture within an organisation, according to an expert in the field. This process for HR starts with ensuring that a business is attracting and retaining the people with the skills, attributes and mindset of innovative thinkers capable of […]

Deborah Hadwen, CEO of Tata Consultancy Services – Australia and New Zealand, says the business focuses on CSR themes which are aligned to its global activities

The TCS recipe for CSR success

There are a number of important steps organisations should take in developing a successful corporate social responsibility program, writes Tata Consultancy Services – Australia and New Zealand CEO, Deborah Hadwen If you accept that businesses have a duty to the communities in which they operate that goes beyond obeying law, […]