The top fear of CEOs is being found incompetent

What is your CEO afraid of?

The biggest fear held by CEOs is apprehension of being found incompetent, according to research from a corporate consulting firm. This particular fear can weaken confidence, destabilise inter-executive relationships and create seriously shaky leadership, said Roger Jones, chief executive at Vantage Hill Partners, which conducted the research. Of the 116 […]

Why continuous coaching is replacing performance management

What’s next for performance management?

Many leading organisations are moving away from viewing performance management as a once-a-year event where employees are assessed and evaluated, to a series of ongoing activities that include goal-setting and revising, managing and coaching, development planning, and rewarding and recognition. However, support for such activities across current performance management solutions […]

HR vs OD: let there be peace

Effective collaboration between OD and HR is key to optimising a firm’s ability to initiate and sustain high impact change, writes Wayne Brockbank The remarkable and challenging world of change has been well documented. Sources of change continue to accelerate: radical revolutions in technology, big data analytics, information asymmetries, hyper-competition, […]

3 key trends in executive L&D

Globalisation of the workforce, digital technologies and transformational experiences are three key trends which are changing the face of business schools and education for executives, according to Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD. Workforce globalisation is the first and most significant trend impacting how organisations do business, and Mihov said INSEAD […]

The rise of the head of people analytics

As CEOs want richer information about human capital and as organisations seek to make sense of an abundance of data through analytics tools, the head of people analytics is emerging as an important executive role, according to a global executive search firm. “With the richness of data available to organisations […]