The rise of the head of people analytics

As CEOs want richer information about human capital and as organisations seek to make sense of an abundance of data through analytics tools, the head of people analytics is emerging as an important executive role, according to a global executive search firm. “With the richness of data available to organisations […]

With the right support and networks women in HR leadership roles can move up in their organisation. Source: iStock

How female HR leaders can get ahead

Female HR professionals looking to get ahead and move up in their organisation need to invest in finding the right mentors and sponsors as early as possible in their careers, according to a global search and consulting firm. “Only with the right support and network do we see the most […]

Performance is mostly driven by an ability to perform under pressure when needed most. This is assisted by a performance mindset. Source: Thinkstock

4 steps to creating a high performance mindset

There are many lessons that businesses can learn from Australia’s inspiring and disproportionately large share of sporting success, according to an expert in high performance, who said one of the most interesting parallels is on the subject of ‘mindset’. “Athletes with better coping skills and who courageously execute their game […]

HR leaders need to focus on developing their own leadership skills in business

The verdict: are leaders born or made?

Many still believe that leadership is something that is unattainable and that the learning of certain traits, behaviours or attitudes cannot be done, however, this belief cannot be further from the truth, according to a neuro-leadership expert. When it comes to leadership development, one of the questions that still gets […]