How to help managers plug in to their networks

Facilitating network building for managers is vitally important in breaking down silos and helping managers stay connected, writes Jennie Walker How is a manager role different from an employee role? It may seem a simple question for those who work in human resources and actually create these job descriptions, however, […]

3 keys to HR transformation

Key HR initiatives appear to be striking a balance between people, process and technology, thanks to smart HR investments in initiatives that matter, like streamlining business process and implementing manager self-service, commitment to running the HR function like a business and an effective mix of strategic perspective and operational discipline […]

Why 360s don’t work: they aren’t designed to

Achieving the desired behavioural changes that we know is possible from 360 feedback often requires doing less, not more, writes Marc Effron Few talent management practices show as much promise and as few results as 360 feedback. As HR professionals, we faithfully believe that 360 feedback will help managers change […]

How leaders can develop great teams in 5 steps

Contrary to traditional thinking, leadership is not a role but a set of tasks, and leaders should follow a five-step approach to developing teams in order to maximise results, according to the authors of A Team of Leaders. “One of the fundamental differences that we have with the traditional systems […]