The future core HR data systems will be co-owned and co-managed, becoming an exchange rather than a HR department-managed data repository

The future of HR data ownership

The future of work is changing, and HR functions and their technology systems need to keep pace with significant developments, writes Rob Scott Right now, organisations collect, create, store and own HR-related data during the “hire-to-retire” lifecycle of an employee. That’s changing. We are observing rapid and significant transformation taking […]

How savvy do you think your organisation is?

How savvy is your organisation?

Corporate savviness is a holistic measure of how effective your organisation is. Murad Salman Mirza details the corporate savviness barometer and outlines the process of assessing how savvy your business is Corporate savviness is an organisational characteristic that refers to the enterprising use of a collection of core organisational competencies, ie, Key Savviness […]

Getting the customer centric culture right is just the beginning.

CBA’s 4 step plan: developing a customer centric mindset

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has reinvented the way it engages customers. Vanessa Gavan explores the bank’s four phase approach to developing a customer centric mindset and outlines the steps organisations can take to transform their own approach to customer engagement The notion of customer centricity within traditionally asset driven industries, including […]

Building agility is a key to success in a VUCA world

4 steps HR can take to improve agility

There are four steps HR leaders can take to help support and build an agile organisation in the face of an increasingly challenging business environment, according to an expert in agile thinking. The acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous) has become a standard part of business vocabulary as responsibilities and […]