3 key trends in executive L&D

Globalisation of the workforce, digital technologies and transformational experiences are three key trends which are changing the face of business schools and education for executives, according to Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD. Workforce globalisation is the first and most significant trend impacting how organisations do business, and Mihov said INSEAD […]

The rise of the head of people analytics

As CEOs want richer information about human capital and as organisations seek to make sense of an abundance of data through analytics tools, the head of people analytics is emerging as an important executive role, according to a global executive search firm. “With the richness of data available to organisations […]

Virgin Galactic HR: powered by people

Challenges are inherent in any start-up, according to Virgin Galactic’s vice president of people, Karen Gifford, who said challenges – especially those which relate to people – are even more pronounced in businesses that are doing something that has never been done before. “With that comes technological hurdles that require […]

The future of HR data ownership

The future of work is changing, and HR functions and their technology systems need to keep pace with significant developments, writes Rob Scott Right now, organisations collect, create, store and own HR-related data during the “hire-to-retire” lifecycle of an employee. That’s changing. We are observing rapid and significant transformation taking […]