conquer complexity and uncertainty

How to conquer complexity and uncertainty

Not many organisations are going to come out better than they went in, but some will emerge significantly ahead of their competitors and it won’t be through hanging on to outdated plans and strategies for too long, or blind hope, writes Jon Williams I experienced my first round of organisational and […]

leadership crisis

Leadership during times of crisis

At the outset, it’s important to understand the mental states and behaviours that will emerge throughout the organisation during a crisis. While there will be more obvious responses of fear and panic, members of your team are also more likely to misinterpret information and feel confused, and have difficulty remembering […]


The employment related implications of COVID-19

It is clear that the government considers business a key part of its public health strategy. As government interventions are progressively increased, there is likely to be, at least for some time, less discretion for employers planning their immediate response to these issues, writes Nerida Jessup. Over recent days and […]