Gender diversity programs are failing to meet their targets

Why gender diversity programs are failing

Initiatives to improve representation of women in leadership are failing to make inroads, according to a recent research report into workplace diversity, which found that only one third of organisations with such programs in place meeting their set targets. Just over half of HR hiring managers reported that increasing diversity […]

Cultural diversity can play an important role in boosting workforce capabilities

How cultural diversity can boost your bottom line

Cultural diversity is considered a low priority organisational issue among Australian businesses, according to recent research, and companies may be inadvertently hurting their own bottom line as a result. Conducted by the Diversity Council Australia (DCA) in conjunction with the Scanlon Foundation, the research found that almost 30 per cent […]

Wendy Lenton, director of people and performance for George Weston Foods

3 keys to driving culture change

Role modelling expected behaviours in a business is critical to setting standards as a HR leader and driving culture change, according to Wendy Lenton, director of people and performance for George Weston Foods. “What you walk past is what you accept,” she said. “We need to role model what we […]

Everything I Know about Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill: Essential Lessons for Using the Power of Positive Thinking by Don M. Green 

Authors: Don M. Green  Publisher: McGraw Hill Education, 2013 RRP: $22.00 USD Those looking for shortcuts to success will be disappointed, but those looking for a fountain of insightful wisdom about bringing success to their lives (professional or otherwise) will rejoice. Don Green heavily relates his own life experiences as he brings to […]

Joe Marincic, HR manager for 3M ANZ, says leaders in matrix companies require unique capabilities

How matrix companies can improve leadership

Managing in a matrix organisation presents existing and potential leaders with a unique array of challenges, and requires a unique capability – particularly when leaders are new to an organisation, according to Joe Marincic, human resources manager for 3M ANZ Leaders in matrix organisations need to possess exceptional communication skills, […]