Leadership communication and psychological safety

Why leaders need to be honest in uncertain times

In uncertain business times, organisational leaders will often seek to “keep a lid on things” in the belief that if they disclose the full story or even part of the story, they will unsettle their workforce, according to a leadership expert. In essence, Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) CEO, Andrew Henderson, […]

The top career aspiration among employees is achieving a good work/life balance

Employers underestimate importance of work/life balance

There is a major disconnect between employers’ performance goals and employees’ key drivers and aspirations, according to a recent research report, which found that employees value work/life balance over achievement and salary. The report found that the top career aspiration among employees is achieving a good work/life balance, and the […]

Liz Hargreaves, HR manager at Unisys outlines the importance of a flexible work model.

Boosting productivity with flexibility at Unisys

A blended flexible work model has played a key role in optimising workforce productivity, boosting collaboration and improving employee engagement at Unisys, according to its HR manager, Liz Hargreaves. In the past, Unisys allowed staff to choose the days and hours spent in the office, and for some, this meant […]

Companies involved in M&A need to understand the organisational and cultural implications of the deal, build employee engagement and work individually with key employees as early in the deal process as possible.

How to retain top talent after M&As

Employee retention agreements after mergers or acquisitions are falling short of expectations, according to a recent research report, which found that poor employee retention and changing organisational culture are critical stumbling blocks post M&A. While more than two-thirds of organisations indicated they retained four out of every five employees who […]

How flexibility can boost waning engagement

Engagement efforts by Australian workers have dropped to their lowest in 12 months, with only one in five employees willing to go above and beyond for their employers, according to a recent research report. The past 12 months have seen Australians working longer hours, under increased pressure achieve business results […]