Q&A: Managing HR across borders in the new phase of work

Inside HR interviews Donna Kimmel, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, at Citrix. In this exclusive Q&A, Donna speaks on Citrix’s embracing of the flexible work model and their belief that businesses can unlock employee potential by giving them the flexibility to determine their own workspaces. What are the key […]


Reshaping critical talent to remain recession resilient

Traditional hiring processes have inbuilt biases that organisations may not be aware of, that can filter candidates out of the recruitment system before they’ve had a genuine opportunity to demonstrate how well-matched they are, Malcolm Kinns. When the global financial crisis struck back in 2008, it quickly became clear that […]


How to ensure great initiatives don’t fail

While negative feedback can feel like a personal affront, given the time and effort that’s gone into the work, empathy is essential to moving forward. By seeking to understand where the difference of opinion lies, we stand a greater chance of resolving it to everyone’s satisfaction, writes Jen Jackson Even […]