Culture change

4 steps to achieving lasting culture change

Culture is critically important to business success worldwide, however, there is a clear disparity between the way companies view culture and the way they treat it, and many executives believe a major overhaul of their organisational culture is required, according to recent research. While 60 per cent of executives globally […]

Simen Munter, group general manager, global shared services, ANZ

Offshoring call centres: a balancing act?

Offshoring call centres is an important strategic decision for any company, and getting it right requires careful consideration of a number of factors, writes Leon Gettler In a globalised economy, more companies are sending finance back-office and call centre jobs offshore to improve access to technology and cut costs. This […]

The Asia Pacific region has overtaken Europe on M&A deal volumes by some margin.

Asia Pacific M&A market activity on the rise

The Asia Pacific region cemented its position as the world’s second largest merger and acquisition (M&A) market in 2013 and outbound Chinese M&A activity is likely to increase in 2014, according to a global professional services firm. Last year, acquirers in Asia Pacific enjoyed their best performance since the 2008 […]