Nicolette Barnard, acting head of HR for Siemens Australia

How Siemens develops great leaders

Great leaders need to be great communicators and articulate the company’s vision in a way that brings clarity and a compelling reason for employees to come along for the journey, according to Nicolette Barnard, Siemens ASEAN-Pacific’s head of leadership and development and acting head of HR for Siemens Australia. “In […]

David Arkell, GE Australia & New Zealand’s HR leader

GE: annual performance reviews are dead

The annual performance review system is “dead”, and employees and their managers need a more engaging and regular process for managing performance, according to David Arkell, GE Australia & New Zealand’s human resources leader. “The annual performance review is dead,” he said. “It’s a dramatic comment, but the concept of […]

How to manage a global workforce

Top 10 tips for managing a global workforce

Cities beyond the traditional financial and business centres of the world are working to improve their quality of living so they can attract more foreign companies, according to a recent research report, which predicted these emerging cities will become major players that traditional financial centres and capital cities will have […]