HR digitalisation can reap great benefits but needs to change focus from a user-centric approach to a customer-centric that focuses on the employee

A new mindset is the key to HR digitalisation

Organisations that embrace HR digitalisation will see a clear increase in employee performance compared to those who continue taking a user-based approach, says Aaron McEwan Digitalisation is so important to business success that (according to Gartner research) 67 per cent of business leaders believe that their companies will no longer […]

As AI systems improve and get smarter, we will start to see dramatic improvements in productivity, performance and employee wellbeing

AI and HR: The Next Big Thing

AI in HR is increasingly becoming an integral part of the workplace and, despite the risks, the upsides are enormous; Josh Bersin weighs in on the AI debate thus far When it comes to AI and HR, we are in an interesting place.  On one hand, the AI hype is […]