Moblie smartphones are becoming the preferred method of connecting, communicating and accessing information or analytics in the work environment

Why mobile access gives you HR credibility

Maximising the value of and returns from your HR system means embracing technological change, writes Rob Scott We literally don’t need to look much further than 5 to 10 metres around us to realise the significant penetration of smartphones into our personal and work lives. In fact, Australia has one […]

There are three key elements in determining your HR system intelligence

How intelligent is your HR system?

The analytic functionality of modern HR software is meaningless without the right interest, creativity and skill of HR leaders, writes Rob Scott You wouldn’t be wrong if the first words that sprung to mind as you read the title were “analytics” or “big data”, as they represent two of the […]

Data-driven companies are more likely generate higher profits than their competitors reporting a low reliance on data.

3 steps to becoming a data-driven business

Organisations attempting to gain competitive advantage through data initiatives are stymied by a disconnect between how CEOs see the current status and benefits of data initiatives and how lower-level managers see them, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit report. While the data boom has reduced executives’ reliance on gut feel […]

SaaS HR software solutions are fundamentally different from earlier on-premise solutions and require new business transformation initiatives to get maximum value.

There’s more to SaaS than simplicity

Despite the simplicity and effectiveness of new SaaS tools, maximum value will only be realised by making fundamental changes to key areas in business, writes Rob Scott You could be forgiven for thinking the relative simplicity and user-friendliness of modern HR SaaS solutions need less business transformation effort to embed […]

The top 5 talent acquisition trends for 2015

Innovations in technology will drive a number of significant talent acquisition trends over the coming year, according to Futurestep. As the economy strengthened in 2014, companies began allocating greater resources to manage their workforces, said Byrne Mulrooney, CEO of Futurestep. “While rebuilding and expanding is on the corporate agenda, organisations […]