Business needs to get on board with SuperStream changes

The new SuperStream standard is being rolled out by the Federal Government as part of its Superannuation Reform package, write Shaun Flannery and Robin Beauchamp. SuperStream’s purpose is to provide a consistent, reliable electronic method of transacting linked data and payments for superannuation. The goal is threefold: to improve the […]

How HR can fill the accountability vacuum

There are two potential paths that HR might take in the future, and HR will stop doing many of the things it does today in both scenarios, writes Heidi Spirgi It’s stunning to think how dramatically the way we work has changed in the past five years. Today, employees are […]

How HR can harness big data

There are many practical applications of big data for HR. However, a strong partnership between the business and HR is essential if big data is to yield significant P&L impact, writes Heidi Spirgi Most companies today make hiring, promotion and development decisions based on anecdotal data, a lot of gut […]

How to boost performance through technology

HR functions need to keep up-to-speed with mobility strategies to help workforces become more productive and competitive, as advances in technology change the way organisations operate and communicate. Mobility strategies are fast becoming an area which can help enable businesses to improve competitive edges in cost-efficiency and boost productivity, according […]