Customer Focused Process Innovation, by David Hamme

customer focused process innovation, by David Hamme

RRP: $47.95
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Customer Focused Process Innovation by David Hamme is a detailed guide with step-by-step advice on how to develop and execute a business improvement plan with customers in mind. This book is relevant to all businesses that are looking to improve internal alignment and external customer service, against a backdrop of significant and ongoing economic and social changes which are impacting economies around the world. Understanding the customer processes by building greater customer rapport and feedback participation, combined with implementing the right systems, will improve day-to-day operations and satisfy a return on time and fiscal investment, according to Hamme. He also details how businesses can access the core values of their consumers and measure efficiencies of current operations to build a framework that simulates adherence for businesses of all sizes. Customer Focused Process Innovation has great real-world examples to assist leaders in understanding practical ways to bring about positive change for a business.

By Alexson Nounrasi