Dale Carnegie course review: high impact presentation skills

Dale Carnegie course review: high impact presentation skills

Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentation Skills course is an effective program designed to help business professionals improve their presentation and speaking skills.

Presented by: Dale Carnegie Australia
Format: Two-day seminar. 9am-5pm
Cost: $3095 ex GST

Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentations course is a two-day seminar that is designed to help participants improve their presentation and public speaking skills. Dale Carnegie stands out in the field of training providers globally and counts more than 430 of the Fortune 500 companies as clients. With 250 offices globally and 9-plus million graduates, Dale Carnegie’s training courses provide participants with solid foundations for training success.

The High Impact Presentations course is an excellent example of this. It focuses on structuring an effective presentation that builds credibility, enhances audience rapport and assists with clear delivery of concepts. Participants are also taught the optimal use of voice and gesture to help create a more lasting impression – as well as a variety of presentation styles, ranging from a formal speech to a casual meeting or contentious conversation.

Dale Carnegie courses employ a unique design and delivery framework (referred to by Dale Carnegie as the “performance change pathway”) which guides participants through the learning journey and facilitates the process of effective transformational performance change. The course consists of several modules, each of which builds on the previous one to help accelerate presentation skills over the course of two days.

The first module is about creating a positive first impression and teaches participants how to introduce themselves and create a vision of themselves as a great presenter. Participants are also presented with a personal benchmark on their presentation skills to help assess progress and development throughout the course of the program.

The second module focuses on increasing credibility and teaching participants how to place themselves and their organisation in a positive light. This module focuses on how to communicate with enhanced credibility, project enthusiasm, communicate competency with confidence and reinforce an informative message with supportive evidence.

The third module teaches participants how to present complex information clearly. Learning objectives in this module include developing flexibility in making complex material simple and understandable, how to communicate information in an interesting manner, relating to the audience at their level, and following a logical progression of ideas.

The fourth module is about communicating with greater impact and teaches participants how to develop increased flexibility using expressions, gestures, and voice modulation, demonstrate ownership of unfamiliar material, present written material in a captivating manner and overcome barriers that restrict flexibility.

The second day of the course begins with module five, in which participants learn to motivate others to action by appealing to them logically and emotionally. The learning objectives of this module include presenting in a results-oriented way, persuading an audience to take action, offering reliable, verifiable evidence in the form of a personal incident, how to be motivational, clear and concise, and communicating in a convincing manner.

The sixth module focuses on responding to challenging questions in high-pressure situations, and teaches participants how to maintain professional composure under pressure, sell ideas, themselves and organisation strategically, and communicate leadership ability – with competence and confidence – to handle stressful situations.

The seventh and final module is about presenting to sell an idea that could be met with resistance. Participants learn how to logically and emotionally appeal to an audience, use structure to gain the confidence of an audience, be convincing when asking listeners to take action, and demonstrate objectivity when presenting different solutions.

Throughout the course, participants are given multiple opportunities to develop and practice innovative presentations, and they are videotaped, evaluated and mentored to help improve on the personal presentation benchmark provided at the start of the course. To help maximise results, Dale Carnegie also provides a 1-hour live online awareness session and a 1-hour live online sustainment session. Participant numbers are also limited, so a small group is able to get more focus and attention with skills assessment and development.

The course is highly relevant to HR, both as direct participants (for HR professionals looking to improve presentation and stakeholder engagement and management skills, for example) as well as potential buyers of the course for organisational employees and leaders who are in need of presentation skills development.

As this course focuses on more advanced presentation skills, it is recommended that participants have some prior experience in public speaking. Overall, the course is very well organised, and participants are provided with a comprehensive training reference guide. This is particularly important, as there is a lot to take in during the course of the two-day program, so having a comprehensive guide to refer back to and refresh is great for reinforcing learning. The coaching techniques employed are precise and effective, and the real-world applications and benefits are powerful and meaningful.

For more information please contact Dale Carnegie Training on 1800 088 077, visit the Dale Carnegie website for Australian office contact details, or learn more about Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentations course. Inside HR readers can also download a complimentary copy of Dale Carnegie’s eBook: Presentation Effectiveness: A Free Guide to Effective Public SpeakingImage source: Depositphotos