Hooked: How Leaders Connect, Engage and Inspire with Storytelling by Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu

Authors: Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu
Publisher: Wiley
RRP: $24.95

In this Google age of information overload, leaders can no longer rely on dry facts and data to communicate their messages memorably. So, what can help them get their message across effectively? Hooked has an answer: the art of storytelling. Written for anyone in a leadership role, Hooked helps readers understand the power of storytelling in a business leadership context. Its authors, Gabrielle Dolan and Yamini Naidu, guide readers through the process of crafting and delivering stories with impact and authenticity. The book’s content is concise and easy to grasp, and their message is well presented. For example, in the chapters “Crafting your story” and “Making your stories shine”, readers are introduced to relevant concepts, structures and tools in an intuitively simple format, from breaking down specific narrative functions to different delivery techniques. Hooked also uses humorous and relevant real world Australian examples that are easy to understand. With a strong focus on practicality, Hooked is a good read for leaders who seek to connect, engage and inspire their audiences – regardless of purpose.

By Nicholas Hui