How Campaign Monitor wins the war for developer talent

Campaign Monitor COO Craig Shull actively supports the company's developers in finding other great developers

Campaign Monitor actively encourages its own developers to network with other great developers as a way of attracting and recruiting the best software engineer talent, according to the company’s COO, Craig Shull.

He observed that great developers want to work with other great developers, and said Campaign Monitor makes the process of talent acquisition part of existing developers’ jobs.

“There’s a saying that says one exceptional developer is worth 10 regular developers,” said Shull, who also oversees the “employee success” team in his role as COO.

“I think that that is true across our organisation, and I’ve been really pleased with our ability to effectively double the number of people we have in the company over the past six months – but double it in a very intelligent way with incredible people.

“In San Francisco, which is where I’m based, if your only strategy is to just pay top dollar you’ll find that you just get developers who are in it for the money. They’ll leave you for the next offer that’s a little bit higher.”

“One exceptional developer is worth 10 regular developers”

Campaign Monitor, which started out from humble beginnings in the south of Sydney in 2004, now employs upwards of 175 people and recently moved its headquarters to San Francisco after raising $250 million from venture capital firms in 2014.

“So we’ve really utilised the people that we have in the office to go out and find other developers and to pitch them about the really cool stuff that we are doing and the different languages that we’re coding in,” said Shull.

“We’ve been able to attract some pretty impressive developers in a short amount of time that way. This is part of their job, and we support our developers in going out and finding other great developers.

“We encourage them to go to conferences, and if they want to bring some of their contacts or buddies to our office on a Friday afternoon, we’ll order pizza and beer and meet them,” he said.”

“We support our developers in going out and finding other great developers”

The quality of employees is directly related to quality of product, and as a product-led company, Shull said a continual focus on product helps keep Campaign Monitor in the leadership quadrant of email marketing companies.

“Our customers consistently say that our support team is one of the core reasons that they utilise our system,” said Shull, who adds that the company consistently rates as having one of the highest net promoter scores in the email marketing industry.

This constant feedback from customers is also critical to ongoing product innovation, and Campaign Monitor also makes good use of a Wiki to communicate globally about product feedback, insights and developments.

Together with a strong culture of transparency and feedback, Shull said this helps everyone share ideas, get involved in product development and provide feedback on a constant basis.

For the full interview with Shull and story on how Campaign Monitor attracts and managers the best developer talent, see the current issue of Inside HR magazine.