HR secrets of fast growth companies

Anthony Woodward, CEO Bulletproof Networks, says that within fast growth companies, leadership is about articulating a vision. Image source: Bulletproof Networks

Vision and leadership are a key part of the HR strategies that keep Australia’s fast growth companies growing, according to their CEOs.

This is about making sure everyone knows exactly why they are there and what their companies are trying to achieve, and Owen Kerr, CEO of FX broker Pepperstone said his company needed this right from the start.

“You need knowledge and things along those lines to get there,” he said.

“Without that sort of direction, I don’t think you’re going to get very far. It’s pretty keen in my opinion.”

Anthony Woodward, the CEO of technology company and cloud services provider Bulletproof Networks, which listed this year on the Australian Securities Exchange via a reverse takeover of mining company Spencer Resources, says leadership is about articulating a vision.

“I think clarity around the vision and direction of the company is definitely the most vital bit of it”

“It’s critical and I’d say the key component is that the leadership is seen to come from a management team that shares the company vision and is able to articulate it really well,” Woodward said.

“Essentially the ongoing process is to make sure all employees are across what the vision is and that’s what we feel leadership is. It’s important to people so they know why they are doing their day to day jobs.”

Vanessa Garrard, the CEO and founder of Brisbane-based electronics product development company e3 Style, concurred with Woodward and said leadership in fast growth companies like hers is about being clear with everyone.

“I think clarity around the vision and direction of the company is definitely the most vital bit of it,” Garrard said.

“It’s making sure we communicate to the team about what the vision is of the business and being very clear about what the expectations are and where we are going.

“And it’s about being able to communicate that to the whole team, not just the management team and make sure everyone understands what we want to achieve every day we are in here.”

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