Leading with Conviction: Mastering the Nine Critical Pillars of Integrated Leadership by Shalom Saada Saar and Michael J. Hargrove

Authors: Shalom Saada Saar & Michael J. Hargrove
Publisher: Jossey-Bass, 2013
RRP: US$27.95

Authors Saar and Hargrove attest that leadership is a skill that can be learned and sustained through deliberation and practise, and that it is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Leading with Conviction unveils the “nine pillars of leadership” (Self, Balance, Agility, Change, Conflict, Creativity, Coaching, Collaboration and Results), each addressing a core competency that forms extraordinary leadership. The book is comprised of a chapter for each pillar, with engaging case studies highlighting its purpose and function. It offers sound guidance supported by crucial concepts and practical tools, such as the Johari Window (conceptualising various views of “self” to help cultivate different perceptions) and the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model (used to illustrate different approaches). The book also includes self-assessments such as the Fast 360° Feedback (Chapter 1) and the Leadership Checklist (Chapter 2) to foster evaluation, and leaves readers with five guiding principles at the closing of each pillar’s chapter. A valuable and engaging resource, Leading with Conviction lays out solid leadership competencies through illustrative case studies and practical advice.

By Nicholas Hui