Microsoft Surface Hub 2: technology for improving collaboration and teamwork

In today’s corporate environment, managers and employees alike are constantly being bombarded with new savvy ways to push for collaboration and teamwork within the office.

The Surface Hub 2 is Microsoft’s vision of where technology and the office will meet and promises to revolutionise meetings by streamlining the entire experience.

The Surface Hub 2 incorporates all of Microsoft’s current collaboration tools. From Windows and Office to Microsoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Teams. These come with cool features such as a feature in the whiteboard app that will ‘beautify’ your handwriting so your co-workers aren’t wasting time deciphering your hieroglyphics.

This is all incorporated into one device that may just have what it takes to truly improve collaboration in the workplace. The device’s 50-inch matte screen with 3840 x 2560 resolution looks crisp and colourful with the design of the screen allowing for reduced glare and reflection.

Coupled with a 4K webcam, the Surface Hub 2 really uplifts the whole dim experience of video conferences. Allowing the user to comfortably see up to four other participants in clear high definition, in a way that truly outdoes traditional conference room set-ups.

However, when it is connected to one of Steelcase’s purpose-built stands, the Surface Hub 2 really sets itself apart. 

It becomes a portable conference with 100 minutes of estimated battery life. Giving you the freedom to drag it around the office and have ICT-supported meetings anywhere and anytime.

For managers looking for flashy and exciting ways to foster collaborative work cultures. The Surface Hub could be their headline piece of tech to help inspire a sense of connectivity in the new age.

However, this won’t come cheap, with the Surface Hub 2 50-inch edition set to market at a starting price of $12,500. This device is a considerable investment even for large firms. But if you’re in the market for the latest collaboration tech then this just might be the right device for you.