Everything I Know about Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill: Essential Lessons for Using the Power of Positive Thinking by Don M. Green 

Authors: Don M. Green 
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education, 2013
RRP: $22.00 USD

Those looking for shortcuts to success will be disappointed, but those looking for a fountain of insightful wisdom about bringing success to their lives (professional or otherwise) will rejoice. Don Green heavily relates his own life experiences as he brings to light important life lessons highlighting the power of positive thinking. The book’s practicality is not overshadowed by his interesting anecdotes – down-to-earth and straightforward, it provides readers with formulae to create actionable plans (Green’s “personal success equation” being one such formula). Green’s writing often reads as an autobiography; in fact, he stresses the importance of understanding other people’s successes through reading (dedicating an entire chapter to reading biographies as an important source of inspiration). Green reveres the legacy of others and dedicates the final chapter to building one’s own legacy. Green illuminates more than simply the road to monetary success. He divulges lifelong principles of success applicable beyond business with palpable insight.

By Nicholas Hui