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The pace of change has quickened for most businesses and is beginning to have a hugely disruptive effect on business

4 keys for HR to do more with less through technology

Technology will play an increasingly important role in helping HR professionals facilitate business outcomes through providing them with insights into the expertise of individuals, enabling them to recognise unusual career paths and assemble teams to solve specific problems, according to a recent research report. However, the problem with many organisations […]

would HR professionals be as enthusiastic about HR technologies if they contained Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability

Artificial intelligence: are HR professionals at risk?

Are we ready to be pushed down the proverbial pecking order of importance by sophisticated AI technology? asks Rob Scott Very few HR and talent professionals would refute the value that technology has brought to their operations. HR functions have leveraged these tools to become efficient, effective, collaborative, engaging and […]

How to boost productivity through innovation and IT

Productivity across Australia has decreased over the past 12 months, however, IT investment and innovation have been identified by workers as a key opportunity to improve productivity. A research report found that 35 per cent of workers reported being hindered by issues with legacy IT systems, while 70 per cent […]

How technology can enable HR

An integrated HR management system can deliver a host of benefits that will enable the HR function to become an advisor to the business, writes James Hewitt Few would argue with the fact that the talent market has become increasingly competitive in recent years, and today companies throughout Australia are […]