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Talent management practitioners need a number of skills and capabilities to be effective. Source: Thinkstock

What maketh a talent management practitioner?

Talent management practitioners must exhibit six key characteristics in order to be successful, writes Marc Effron Talent management’s rapid emergence as a field has left practitioners without a clear success model. Based on our experience as talent management consultants and practitioners, interviews with other well-regarded practitioners, and input from executive […]

There are valuable leadership lessons that can be learned from sporting teams

7 leadership lessons from professional sports

Leaders can benefit from a number of insights from the world of high performing sporting teams, writes Roger Collins The corporate landscape is littered with the detritus of failed attempts to develop leaders in general and leadership teams in particular. At the risk of being contentious, we may have over-relied […]

Strategies to consider in pursuit of improving productivity and innovation.

5 steps to building a high performance culture

It takes more than a change in organisation structure to transform an entrenched culture. Dave Hanna discusses the five key ingredients of a real high performance culture Managers today are anxiously looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage in their challenging global markets. Some have chosen to develop a […]

Businesses should take a number of steps to reduce the likelihood of adverse action claims

The rise and rise of adverse action claims

There has been a steady increase in adverse action claims. Gareth Jolly explains why employers need to tread very carefully before taking action that could result in such a claim Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in “adverse action” claims by employees against employers. An […]

Daan Van Den Broek, vice-president human resources for Unilever ANZ

Unilever’s keys to leadership success

One of the biggest challenges for learning professionals when it comes to leadership development is that they can lose focus of the bigger strategy picture and their functional expertise may unintentionally obstruct business drivers, according to Daan Van Den Broek, vice-president human resources for Unilever ANZ. “At Unilever, we make […]