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Everything I Know about Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill: Essential Lessons for Using the Power of Positive Thinking by Don M. Green 

Authors: Don M. Green  Publisher: McGraw Hill Education, 2013 RRP: $22.00 USD Those looking for shortcuts to success will be disappointed, but those looking for a fountain of insightful wisdom about bringing success to their lives (professional or otherwise) will rejoice. Don Green heavily relates his own life experiences as he brings to […]

Joe Marincic, HR manager for 3M ANZ, says leaders in matrix companies require unique capabilities

How matrix companies can improve leadership

Managing in a matrix organisation presents existing and potential leaders with a unique array of challenges, and requires a unique capability – particularly when leaders are new to an organisation, according to Joe Marincic, human resources manager for 3M ANZ Leaders in matrix organisations need to possess exceptional communication skills, […]

There are seven steps HR can take to earn a seat at the table. Source: Thinkstock

7 steps to earning a seat at the table

In organisations where HR is sidelined or not fully included in business decisions, HR directors need to upgrade their skills around talent management in order to demonstrate its importance in supporting business objectives and value in adding competitive advantage, according to a recent SilkRoad research report. It noted that HR […]

HR can take a number of steps to help select, develop and retain high potential talent (HIPO). Source: Thinkstock

3 keys to help maximise high potential talent

A narrow point of view on what constitutes high potential (HIPO) and an over-reliance on identification of HIPO talent by executives are two key areas in which organisations struggle when it comes to successfully selecting and developing HIPOs, according to a global consulting firm. An over reliance on past performance […]

HR should be prepared to deal with the collateral damage that narcissistic CEOs can create

How HR can deal with narcissistic CEOs

HR executives need to be aware of the potential effects narcissistic CEOs can have on a business and be proactive in dealing with likely issues that may arise as a result, according to the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM). CEOs with narcissistic tendencies can create “quite a lot of […]