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Merryl Dooley, executive general manager, human resources for Tabcorp Holdings

Keys to talent management in Tabcorp

Attracting, retaining and developing talent is the responsibility of all leaders in an organisation, and it is critical to have company directors, CEO and senior leadership team on-board with the process of talent management, according to Merryl Dooley, executive general manager, human resources for Tabcorp Holdings. “Over the past few […]

There are 5 elements to creating an irresistible organisation and address employee disengagement before it becomes a problem. Source: Thinkstock

5 steps to building an irresistible organisation

There are five elements to creating a work environment that attracts, excites and engages younger, ambitious and highly talented people, writes Josh Bersin Businesses have gone through tremendous stress over the past few years… and so has the workforce. The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report shows that as […]

HR professionals can harness the power of gamification for business benefit

What HR needs to know about gamification

To harness the power of gamification, HR leaders need to create optional, low-pressure fun so compelling that employees can’t resist participating, writes Richard Landers If you’ve been anywhere even vaguely in the vicinity of a HR technologist lately, you’ve heard the term “gamification”. Gamification has been touted as the solution […]