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In redesigning work, organisations are in need of new talent practices

The #1 HR trend for 2016: redesigning work

Organisations are in need of new talent practices to help people lead these teams, connect teams together, and facilitate the movement of people from team to team, writes Josh Bersin We just completed the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report and found some surprising results: this year, the number […]

Talent director, Alicia Purtell, and people and culture director, Bob Barbour from Lion, believe that an authentic approach to leadership has been pivotal to the long-term success of the company

How Lion is rethinking talent management

Beverage and food company Lion is rethinking the way it manages talent through taking a category management approach based on where its people are at in their lifecycle, according to the business’ talent director and people and culture director. Lion’s talent processes are less around buy, build or borrow, according to […]

Why 360s don’t work: they aren’t designed to

Achieving the desired behavioural changes that we know is possible from 360 feedback often requires doing less, not more, writes Marc Effron Few talent management practices show as much promise and as few results as 360 feedback. As HR professionals, we faithfully believe that 360 feedback will help managers change […]