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Kirsten O’Doherty, general manager ANZ for AbbVie, says talented employees are attracted by the company’s research and development pipeline of medicines

How AbbVie boosts innovation through collaboration

Innovation is the “cornerstone” of biopharmaceutical firm AbbVie, according to its general manager ANZ, Kirsten O’Doherty, who said the company utilises a number of programs and practices to embed innovation in both its culture and approach to business. “We operate in a highly competitive environment, and often in some of the markets that […]


The role of HR leaders in fighting cyberattacks

The mindset of an organisation’s HR team can set the culture for the entire organisation. Disengaged employees are an attractive target for cybercriminals to exploit. Therefore, the onus is on HR leaders to take their organisation’s security seriously and work with the necessary business and technology teams to set the […]


Reshaping critical talent to remain recession resilient

Traditional hiring processes have inbuilt biases that organisations may not be aware of, that can filter candidates out of the recruitment system before they’ve had a genuine opportunity to demonstrate how well-matched they are, Malcolm Kinns. When the global financial crisis struck back in 2008, it quickly became clear that […]