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Balancing the HR agendas: talent and organisation

Creating sustained competitive advantage in an organisation requires more than just focusing on the talent you have, it’s what you do with this talent that counts, writes Wayne Brockbank Over the past decade or so, the talent paradigm has gained considerable momentum. Many dozens of books have appeared. Talent management […]

How savvy is your organisation?

Corporate savviness is a holistic measure of how effective your organisation is. Murad Salman Mirza details the corporate savviness barometer and outlines the process of assessing how savvy your business is Corporate savviness is an organisational characteristic that refers to the enterprising use of a collection of core organisational competencies, ie, Key Savviness […]

3 ways top performing companies reward executives

High-performing companies do not take a “one size fits all” approach to executive pay program design, but instead place a greater emphasis on stock options and target compensation levels at market median rates, according to recent global research. The Towers Watson study found that high-performing organisations, unlike other companies in […]

A 3 step plan for HR to address talent shortages

Four out of ten employers in Australia are experiencing talent shortages, yet one in five are still not pursuing strategies to address such shortages, according to a recent research report. HR is the one function with the expertise and influence to reshape their companies’ talent-base by acting decisively to ensure […]